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What are electronic auctions?
Online Auction is an online auction. The auction is one of the types of “dynamic pricing” or “variable pricing” where the price of the product varies for each buyer depending on the extent of the buyer's need as well as the seller's situation.
The e-commerce auction takes place under a consumer-to-consumer and a business-to-consumer.

Online auctions are the same as traditional auctions but they work online directly online • Appear with the Internet and various electronic media, and the emergence of online direct selling companies The auction is characterized by the so-called dynamic pricing, where the price changes over time because of competition between buyers Likely, until the product is sold to the buyer who offered the highest price to buy the product offered.

Types of auctions:

1. One seller / one buyer One buyer – one seller An auction for a specific product for a specified period, where the potential buyer offers a price if the price is not suitable for the seller Buyer changes another buyer

2. One seller / several potential buyers. An auction involving one seller and several potential buyers,

Advantages :

There are no geographical barriers, e-auction makes it easy to meet buyers with sellers and vice versa. Where buyers or sellers do not have to be in the same place as their Internet connection from anywhere around the world.

There are no time barriers. Bids can occur at any time during the day and the auction may continue for a certain commodity for several days. Giving enough time to search for the product or service and then decide whether to start the auction or not.

A large number of buyers and sellers.
Check so that the buyer can be seen hundreds of similar items before making the decision to join the auction


High cost, as participation in an electronic auction, requires a computer and an Internet subscription.

The slow sales process, the auction may last several days, then other days to ship the item and deliver it to the buyer.

There is a problem with buyer confidence, since online auction sites may sometimes contain scam sellers, leading to a decline in buyer confidence for auction sites.

Sometimes the length of the auction period is considered a drawback, so the bidder has to follow and monitor the auction for a long time.
The bidder must wait until the last minute before the expiry of the auction until the value of the offer is presented So that the other bidders do not notice this move

Some sellers in electronic auctions participate in the auction as buyers and increase the prices of their goods, taking advantage of the confidentiality of their identity and mislead the buyers. This behavior is difficult to prevent.
Some non-registered vendors (outside the auction) contact buyers and offer lower prices to them for non-payment of fees to the site owner.

This behavior is also difficult to control.
One of the buyer's practices is known as “sniping”, which is waiting for the buyer for the last minute in the auction and then placing a price higher than the last price, trying to prevent other buyers from increasing the price and finally winning the auction.

The electronic auctions face many complications and difficulties, the most important of which are: fraud, lack of information about the goods and participants, low level of the secretariat and finally the lack of programs with integrated solutions in electronic auctions.

Official statistics indicate fraud in electronic auctions ranked first among the types of frauds that occur on the Internet.

And fraud in electronic auctions has different ways, including:
1 – The seller did not send the goods even though he received the money.
2. The buyer could not contact the seller after paying the payment.
3. The seller's claim that he sent the goods but the problem in the mail.
4 – The product variation described in the auction for the sold product.
5 – Delay in sending the goods.

General Terms and Conditions for Auction Sale:
– Your use of this site at your own risk.
– Participants must be over the age of 18, have valid bank checks, valid telephone and e-mail addresses, valid registration information and bank accounts.
– The bidder acknowledges that he has examined the bidder's bidder, who is supposed to buy a negative inspection of the ignorance, and verify that it conforms to the specifications presented in the auction prior to its condition.
– The bidder is obliged by the auction to pay any fees required by any other party to complete the transfer of ownership of the sale
– The site has the right to prevent the involvement of any person found to have provided incorrect information, whether personal or payment methods are not valid, or for any other reasons not mentioned.
– Must be adhering to the ethics of modern and not to speak and hint or write to any of the heavenly religions, or any of the other civilizations.
– In case the bidder has paid the shipping fees for the product he won.
– The administration of the site has the right to delete or prevent any person from participating in the auction, or canceling his bids, if he violates the laws of the auction, or use a credit card or a false payment method, or has been registered in one auction more than one account or any other reason. Do not mention reasons.
– Shari's website has the right to change the prices of its products offered or to extend the period of the end of the auction without giving reasons. It also has the right to withdraw any product or material from the auction even if it is the bidder.
– The Shari Auction site does not guarantee the products and commodities offered for sale. Each product or commodity is sold in its current condition and on its site without any liability whatsoever. The buyer acknowledges that the auction site (shari) is not responsible for the product or the sold item in the event of any defect or problem or if it does not comply with the required specifications or the seller set it up or described it on the site
– The bidder is not entitled to return the bid, especially after the confirmation of the auction and therefore bears responsibility for it and the consequences thereof.

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